Sunday, December 11, 2022

Blue lace vodka - another spirit dropped at the end of the year

Remember I already spoke about how new alcohol brands suddenly appear at the end of the year (here), add Blue Lace vodka to the list (here). I have an unfounded feeling that Blue Lace and Blak whisky are somehow related (same distiller? same importer or distributor?) because somehow there at least some creative thinking behind both - naming, branding, packaging, and yes both are getting ads (apparently black as I said got some TV media whereas Blue Lace is just OOH (out of home) and digital).

Blue Lace is going with the idea of "break the ice" - all right, this is a little stretching the double meaning - but it goes both ways as in "getting to know people" and "well, breaking some ice to add to the alcohol cup" (which in the visual are more like icebergs).