Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Blak - a new whisky in town

Well what is better than a festive month to introduce a new whisky brand in town? Meet Blak (more info here) - yes sans "c" - which apparently is the new black according to the ad. Actually the ad is well done, very distinguished in tone and I am not sure if this reflects on the price of the alcohol in question (Just to be clear however, I am not sure if the ad contains racist intonations or not, because these days it is all walking on thin ice). Interestingly this is not the first year where new alcohol brands get introduced right before the festivities. Usually the brands use very generic images, often include English mistakes in the headlines and tend to vanish right after new year (here is an example). Blak seems however to be a cut above judging from the effort that was inserted in the ad. 

By the way, Blak has several ads on facebook (here) which remind me a lot of the tone of voice used by Aishti way back in the day - meaning dark-ish colors, upscale surroundings, velvety ambiance, etc....