Friday, December 16, 2022

Spinneys goes pop for Sahel Alma

Now that is a very interesting colorful campaign. Spinneys is opening a branch in Sahel Alma, and for that it went super pop but also mostly minimalist. Colors are everywhere but also a limited amount per ad. Which makes the ads very flashy but also oddly - with a hint of conservatism. I do like the art direction quite a lot - and the campaign has been understandably limited to the region where the new branch has been opened (in case you are confused Spinneys took over the old Caliprix supermarket on the highway). 

Interestingly, as much as I liked the Sahel Alma campaign, the Christmas campaign proper failed to resonate with me despite the effort injected in it. Maybe it is the Santa in long johns, maybe their insistence of just making too much jolliness in it, maybe it is just the general mood of the land.

Below are 4 such variants of the campaign in question.