Saturday, December 17, 2022

Gold Cask whisky - several messages in as much typographies

Not sure there are words that were created to describe this. All right for a "celeberate with 269,000 Liras" (which by today's pricing in the black market is about 6.4 USD) you get 3 bottles of Gold Cask. Here's where it gets murky. On the bottle it says "Old Cask" - not gold. The website marketed at the bottom of the ad is (which clearly says that the whisky is Lebanese) - the gold in question is one of their products. Yet the ad insists it is "gold cask" and on the cardboard ditto. But the product name is "Old" not "gold". Now there are - on the billboard - which is not exactly top of line printing - about 6 different typographies. It's just too many things on one simple billboard. Scratch that - there's nothing simple about it.