Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Elections 2022: Lebanese Forces reveal their campaign, too little, too late.

The Lebanese Forces launched the revealer of their campaign - a little too late (already explained how Khat Ahmar hijacked it and how it became a meme on social media!), pity - if you take off the silly element of teaser/revealer which ruined the whole campaign, there was indeed a novelty element there.

The campaign actually very thinly rebukes its competitors, but it IS addressed to those who already vote for the Lebanese Forces. Let me explain one of the billboards goes "we can protect the identity" (a wink to the nationalist speech of their rivals the Free Patriotic Movement), "we can procure light to the country" (a direct reply to Minister of Energy Gerban Bassil - also head of the FPM - who was minister for too long and did not bring electricity at all), "we can achieve justice" (a reply to the Future Movement which has riffed so long on the idea of justice for slain Prime Minister Rafik Hariri), "we can build for the youth" (which answers Hizbollah and its campaign "we build and protect" (which I elected as best party campaign in the 2018 elections)).

Sadly all this comes too little, too late. The campaign is already a laughing stock.