Monday, March 14, 2022

Elections 2022: Lebanese Forces campaign, a meme waiting to happen.

And so it happened - actually, what took it so long? OK, already Khat Ahmar hijacked the Lebanese Forces campaign (see here - and the original Lebanese Forces teaser here). The problem? The campaign itself was just - blink and you'll miss it - a sexual innuendo. Here's a refresher, one billboard goes, "there are those who can and don't want" and the other "there are those who cannot but want", considering in Lebanon all-bets-are-off when it comes to elections and everything can be twisted and gloves are off from the get-go, seriously I had expected this to had go out sooner. But hey, good things come to those who wait. So basically, MP Setherida Geagea wife of head of the executive committee of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea (who cannot be nominated to the elections because he was indicted in a crime and no - he was not later declared innocent, he was pardoned, that's very different, look it up in case you think am mistaken! Samir Geagea spent 11 years in jail) - an incredibly foxy lady indeed.  Behind her, her husband. And lurking in the background is Ziad Hawat an MP from the Lebanese Forces bloc looking at Mme Geagea lustfully which invites the line:

"There are those who can and don't want and there are those who cannot but want."

To be honest the Lebanese Forces should have taken a lesson from their 2009 campaign which also became a parody... The campaign went "you can not do anything" and then "and you can do something"... Making it into a fake Durex ad. As seen below...