Monday, March 14, 2022

Abed Tahan and an early cohesive Mother's Day ad

Abed Tahan pulls an early one for Mother's Day (celebrated on March 21rst in Lebanon). The idea is simple, instead of gifting mother something that won't last, why not gifting her something that will? Trends only last a season, make up only 12 hours, flowers do not age age well (though I could ague about the copy on the last one). Also cute is the pseudo-digital visual treatment (reminiscent of old video games or early internet). On the whole is it a bingo.

Well, a long long time ago Lacoste issued an ad (1988 - signed Idees et Communication - Emile Achkar as creative) which went "Parce que les fleurs sont perissables, dites-le avec des crocodiles" (because flowers are perishable, say it with a crocodile), the band is obviously Lacoste. Do note, I am in no shape saying that the ad above is inspired by it or anything, I am just simply reminiscing on ads from times gone by.

But still that was a hit indeed for Abed Tahan!