Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Elections 2022: A teaser (though most likely Lebanese Forces)

Ah so someone still believes in teaser/revealer strategy - why is beyond me. Still, there are two ads which go "there are those who can and don't want" and the other goes "there are those who cannot but want" - I think this is a riff on all those who claimed obstacles were put in their way (I am thinking specifically of Gibran Bassil from the Free Patriot Movement who (in)famously said "لو خلونا نشتغل كان وضع البلد غير" - if they let us work the country's shape would be different now). 

Now, who could this unsigned teaser belong to? My bet is the Lebanese Forces, how come? Just compare the typography in the ad to that of their elections slogan. 

I mean seriously, if this is not the same typography then I learned nothing in my advertising career. Still, soon enough the revealer will show itself.