Saturday, May 5, 2018

The winners for best and worst ads for the elections!

And so here it is one day before the elections now is the time to announce the winners - at least in the advertising category for best/worst ads this year. Do remember though, ads have three functions: to introduce a product, to entice the consumer to want it, and to tell the consumer that the product is available in the market (now that he/she wants it). Based on this, whatever happened was not advertising - not sure what it was but it was not advertising in the classical/academic sense.
Without further ado here they are!
Winner for best party campaign: Hizbollah
Winner for worst campaign: Al Mustaqbal
Winner for best personal ad for a candidate: Ragy Al Saad
Winner for the worst campaign for a candidate: Roger Azar
Winner for the best single ad for a party: Amal
Winner for the worst single ad for a party: Kataeb
Winner for the best spoof: Bonzai Travel