Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Project Watan goes out with an unremarkable campaign

This will be the winter of my discontent.... First Nahwal Watan, then Sawa Li Louban and now Project Watan (Mashrou3 Watal El Ensan) with the tagline "freedom - development - prosperity" (watch the ad here). OK so what else is new? Not much. Same thematic (corruption, poverty, lack of electricity, etc....) which everyone which anyone is riffing about. And the visuals? Honestly at this stage I am starting to think there is one agency (perhaps not even a local one, wink, wink!) which is producing all these prepackaged, monochrome, and repetitive messages. Honestly, at some point all these campaigns could be attributed to any of the advertisers in question (all you have to do is switch the logos!). When it comes to programs? Please, "change" and all other accoutrements that go with it. Frankly, why bother do anything if you are going to be so unremarkable?