Friday, September 17, 2021

Elections 2022, Nahwal Watan - a parliamentary election avant-gout

And here we are - let the money-spending begin.

What saved the ad industry in 2018 in Lebanon was that - suddenly, money starting coming in due to all the advertising campaigns of political parties (you might wish to see the best and worst ads of the time here). And so here we are after the disastrous 2019, 2020, and 2021 for advertising agencies, money will soon come back again.

Actually, as I stated at the beginning of the post, it already has. The billboards are flooded with the ads of Nahwal Watan - if you like to meet them, go their website here. Please do note, this post is not an assessment of who they or what they stand for, but simply involved in the media/advertising angle. Well, what Nahwal Watan did is gain on the element of being early. While everyone else is still dormant they took over the scene with their presence, though I do wonder if they did it too early to be honest.

The other thing is that they went for generic run of the mill messages. Nothing groundbreaking - their tone is that of optimism (we shall not surrender, this time we will decide, people have decided change has started) but it is all dipped in mostly dark visuals. 

Well, whether or not Lebanon is living in a fate-changing moment politically remains to be seen though. I said it before (here) and will say it again: " The average Joe is just a culprit as anyone else. Because, and I have said this many times prior, corruption is not a one sided affair. It implicates more than one person. We have been cursed by a combination of crooked politicians but also by people who follow them, and the slogan everyone spit out on October 17 2019, "kellon ya3ne kellon" (everyone means everyone) basically meant "except the guy I follow myself"."