Saturday, November 6, 2021

Elections 2022, Sawa Li Lubnan - lackluster campaign

So the election advertising has started, first it was Nahwal Watan, now Sawa Li Lubnan. I do hope the policies these two are proposing are better than the election campaigns they are suggesting, because the latter are lackluster, dull and very unimaginative (thankfully in Lebanon, political advertising does not matter as I said earlier - see here). Still, such lowest common denominator ads should be - well - banned or unauthorized. Considering that Nahwal Watan still has remnants of its campaign still running, and now Sawa Li Lubnan - running concurrently is a tad too much. Of course, both are considered new political factions, whereas the major political parties still have not put their toe and are quietly gaining field momentum. The elections are supposed to happen in March 2022, but in Lebanon, rarely is anyone "undecided".