Friday, October 22, 2021

In Lebanon, there is no political advertising

Elections/Whining - artwork by Tarek Chemaly

I said this before here - but now is the time to repeat it since we have elections coming up supposedly on March 27 2022.
"Again to be clear - what happened last year (or any year for that matter regarding political "advertising" in Lebanon) is not actually advertising. Why?
Because any advertising has three functions:
1 - To introduce a product
2 - To inform about its availability in the "market"
3 - To sway the target audience to get the product
You may apply this from FMCG to politicians it works all the way. Except that in Lebanon, political parties talk only to the people who "already" believe in their cause - just look at these Kataeb samples to prove my point!
So if they are not advertisements, what are they?
I know not - but I know that advertising agencies are already praying that anticipated elections happen! In these dire economic times, selling false hopes lines their pockets with money."