Thursday, October 21, 2021

Caffecrema, ads that hint to competitors?

Caffecrema is here. Well, the campaign has a line "your coffee is now called...." and then (for the creamer) "your coffee partner is now called..." (notice about me being indulgent not translating it as "your coffeemate" for obvious reasons!). Well, this at least will tell you that these two products come to you from the same company. 

Here's however my headache. Caffecrema (and I am not even discussing how lame the name is), has a 3 in 1 "classic" sachet flavor (that would coffee + cream + sugar), but also a 2 in 1 sugar free option (ergo coffee + cream). Which brings us to - where would one use the creamer alone? With a competitor brand? Think about the ad for a while and you'll understand my gripe. Nowhere does it say I can buy Caffecrema sans crema... Which makes the creamer ad an implicit ad for - dare I say Nescafe or Maxwell House (which is these days more frequently found than the almost always absent Nescafe). Anyhow, with ads being as rare as they in Lebanon, I had to comment on that one!