Saturday, October 23, 2021

Lebanese Jews invited to embassy in Paris.... Cue: Controversy.

File under - damned if you do, damned if you don't!
The Lebanese embassy in Paris is holding a "family gathering" for Lebanese Jews. Apparently the people in question have not relegated their Lebanese nationality, do not carry Israeli passports.
The invite states:
"The presence of the Lebanese Jewish community in Lebanon and in the countries where many Lebanese have made their home is a source of pride and marks the uniqueness of our country."
"Lebanon is today, more than ever, attached to the promotion of its inclusive model and we know very well that our future depends only on our capacities to remain united, and on our will to remain open to the world and its richness."
A simple google question, "how many Jews are there in Lebanon" brings the simple answer: 29 (down from 100 in 2018). Apparently, considering there are 40 people invited to the Lebanese embassy in Paris, there are more Lebanese Jews outside Lebanon than in Lebanon.
Say what you want about our relationship to Israel (Occupied Palestine to some), but during the whole war the Maghen Abraham Synagogue in Beirut was walled during the war to avoid loitering, and recently has been revamped and restored.
But again, nothing in Lebanon is away from reproach. No matter how you turn it, there will always be someone who does not approve of any move because we are so far apart ideologically from one another. 
Small hint, many people, and for a very long time have been called for "te2sim" or the canton system to be applied in Lebanon as it is in Switzerland. But here's the catch, Switzerland is a neutral country, whereas each canton in Lebanon (assuming, ethnically and geographically the whole thing is feasible!) has its own political agenda - pro or anti this or that faction....