Sunday, October 24, 2021

The story behind Sammy Clark's "el mal3ab wel goal w Sammy"

Standing: Fouad Charafeddine - Sammy Clark - Ehsan Sadek - Ahmad Mazhar - Samir Chamas - Antoine Kerbaj (to the far left international referee Sabeh Falah)

Squatting: Ibrahim Meraachli - Joseph Azar - Ahmad El Zein - Ali Safa - Jihad Al Atrash - Akram El Ahmar.

Legend has it that the photo was taken before the match that the artists named above played against a team from the American University of Beirut teachers (artists won 5-3) and it was done using the Nejmeh grounds. The idea was for artists from different parts of Lebanon (and different faiths) to unite in one team despite the war that had torn the country to pieces rendering going from one sector to another a very difficult task indeed. The team was dubbed "Alwan" which is also the sponsor (at least of the jerseys worn!) as it was a very popular magazine back them focused on entertainment and stars. All this is dated 1981.

Now I am sure you are familiar with Sammy Clark's hit "el mal3ab wel goal w Sammy" (the playground, the goal (which also means football in slang Lebanese!) and Sammy)... Guess why the song was recorded?

Tadam! Answer above!