Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Dod El Fasad, against corruption: Are we holding the stick from the wrong end?

Dod El Fasad (against corruption) - a worthy initiative for sure. One of its own backers, USJ, just a had a major hand fight between students loyal to the Lebanese Forces and those loyal to the Hezbollah. Which goes to tell you that we are a long way off from the objectives of such initiatives. Sure, statistics did say that only 8% of Lebanese youth belong to political parties, but this does not cover those whose parents indoctrinate them without the need to belong to the party, or those who grow in areas specifically loyal to a certain party, or those already subjected to peer pressure, and the list continues. Because fighting corruption is not something up in the air, it is a day to day level of civism which - let us be honest - we  have not reached yet. All this makes me wonder about the efficiency of such campaigns (and not just the advertising ones) which are backed by international and local partners.