Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Babyshop excells for UAE National Day

To make a moving ad, just add a pinch-me till I cry copy, and with some of those pre-packaged inspirational imagery. To make a great moving ad, go to the Babyshop ad for the Emirates 49th National Day. Now that was something. Sure, they used impressive copy speaking to a still not born generation, but they did it with panache and true mastery. Did they insert imagery which tackles imagination? Sure they did, but did it unobtrusively, with pride and true conviction. And that baby sonar still in the womb which changes with how the copy/imagery goes, that was a real nice touch (remember, they are Babyshop). NGOs have been trying to find such a formula for Lebanon (especially after the August 4 explosion and apart from One Act, everyone failed). The Arabic tag #نبض_قلوبنا works better than the #OurHearbeats to be honest, but that is splitting hairs. Watch the Babyshop ad here.