Thursday, February 27, 2020

8% of Lebanese youth are in political parties: Statistics, bias and errors

Try as I might to find the original link to the story above which appeared in Annahar newspaper and which was relayed by Daleel Thawra I could not.So I magnified the image and tried to read the text as best as I could. I think the main flaw and the sensationalized headline of this study lies in a simple word: Statistical bias. The study seeks to find how many youth are officially in political parties. Yay 8%! Obviously this disregards the reality on the ground, which is the clientage system. Meaning you are "mahsoub 3ala" (assumed to be voting for) so an so family/political party (as they are interlinked) without being officially in the said party (which, without subscribers can still draw a bucket load of money from international sources). I seriously think the above study and results are flawed and biased.