Wednesday, December 2, 2020

RDFL takes a page from the KAFA/Abaad playbook

RDFL, who did a brilliant ad post-elections, is sadly taking a somber page from the Kafa/Abaad playbook (namely the distressed bride on a black background). Yes, yes, I understand the idea but it has been used and overused and honestly, and am sad to say this, the level of shoulder-shrugging on women's issues has increased tremendously in a country where everything else takes precedent (specifically this year) without counting the danger of over-exposure I already mentioned before on the blog (here). Surely, the ad is timely, as it discusses laws which were being stipulated by the MPs, but honestly - at this stage - it just looks like "another women's law ad right in December" right at the door of a very troubled Christmas season riddled with poverty and unemployment.