Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mechwar ray7in mechwar? Ministry of Tourism knows kitsch works

First it was Ahla Bhal Talleh (2022), then Ahla Bhal Talleh Ahla (2023), now? Mechwar ray7in mechwar. First a background, this was a hit by Ronza and Wahid Jalal from the movie Akher el Sayf - the end of summer (here). The translation is literally "a trip, we're going on a trip" (alternatively it could be a joyride, journey, spin, hanging out or simply "take a breath of fresh air"). Is it cliche? By God it is. But if Ahla Bhal Talleh proved anything it's that kitsch works. But hey, common denominator always works, especially in Lebanon. So here we are, a "mechwar" it is and the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon has adopted the idiom (the song dates back to 1980 and is credited to Ghady Rahbani - lyricist and composer). So onwards we go... to a "mechwar".