Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ahla bhal talleh - gets a remix for 2023

Remember when Donald Trump revealed that the slogan for his (current) campaign would be "make American great again, again" and got lambasted over the internet (here). Well, do you also remember the Alha Bhal Talleh campaign by the Ministry of Tourism (here). Well apparently this year, the campaign is going to become "Ahla Bhal Talleh... Ahla" (yes, "again, again" I know). Also as a side joke, "Ahla bhal talleh ahla" makes it become like a song by our late diva Sabah so someone has  been riffing on the lyrics and making a joke out of it (here).

Now why change the campaign (of which I was not a fan)? Why remix the slogan? Would that make it more potent or seductive or welcoming? Who knows, maybe the double clocks we had make everyone see double (and write double) lately. 

Whatever it is, just add it to the illogical things happening around us. All I can say is now I feel like some KFC (here).