Saturday, April 1, 2023

In a country bordering on the surreal, April Fool's is too much of a joke.

Well, no one said that the 2 above courtesy of Anghami and Toters are April Fool's - although I do suspect they are and I wish they were.

The first is Anghami - our beloved music specialist - introducing "anghami food" whereby they match your food to your music. Yawn but fine, we've seen worse. The second is Toters - our delivery specialist - which actually promises that by scanning your tongue on the app is brings you the perfect meal. Which makes the Anghami stunt seem like a genius move.

Mind you this is the country that up until 2 days ago had 2 different clocks - here. A country where commodity prices differ depends on what time of day you bought them. Where everything seems like living in a Dali painting. Honest, when your day to day is so bizarre, teasing people with outlandish April Fool's jokes is not the way to go people.

We are already living in the Lala Land, and to quote those Turkish merchants when my Dutch friend tells them he comes from there "oh I have many many friends there". So here we are, when reality is stranger than fiction, I too have many many friends in Lala Land - Toters and Anghami are not among them.