Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ahla Bhal Talleh: A baffling campaign to encourage tourism in Lebanon

All right, call me baffled. Apparently there is a new campaign to encourage tourism in Lebanon - but it is plastered on Lebanese highways. What does that mean? It means - as the bumper sticker used to say - "if you read this you're too close". In other words, if you see this campaign... Then you already are in Lebanon and there's no need to seduce you to come! Tada!

Not that difficult. Now, if the aim is seduce Lebanese people to go sightseeing, please factor the price of the fuel, the price of food, the price of this, that - and if you aim for a family of four that's already like burning the budget for a full month. 

Again, call me skeptical and unrealistic. But am serious, to whom is this campaign addressed? It seems they are aiming for the expats, but as I said, if they see this - they're already here (I am trying not to mention the chaos at the airport where everyone is passing through the metal barriers to greet loved ones and where people are on top of one another it seems at the arrival section). 

As I said, I am baffled.