Wednesday, June 29, 2022

How Almaza found its groove back

Ah, Almaza is back. This time with a constant tone of voice, and dare I say, it found it groove back.

All right, it seems as I explained earlier that back in March 2022, Force Majeure snatched the Almaza account from Leo Burnett. One of the co-partners of Force Majeure is Assad Douaihy who was creative director at Intermarkets which had Almaza for a very long time and which set the tone for its comment-on- daily-events-wittily tactical mood all while keeping the large scope clear (not to shade Leo but somehow creatively Leo did not know what to do with Almaza strategically).

But now Almaza is back, it is consistent once more, and as I said earlier (here) I am in the camp of Almaza going back to using Arabic as it did when it was with Intermarkets as opposed to English. But we are getting there it seems.

And this is very refreshing. As refreshing as an Almaza (wink!).