Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mega Ice cream - Nancy Ajram, Nizar Qabbani, or how Egypt is going bonkers over copyright

Remember the De22ou el Chamasi saga (here)? Now watch the Mega ice cream film here. To be honest the film is well done, very hip and stylish and cool. The issue? Well, apparently Nancy Ajram interprets the song that goes along with the film. Now, the association of artists in Egypt is suing Mega Ice Cream or the company that did the ad (it is not clear from the words of the legal counselor of the association Hussam Loutfi) to the tune of the 10 million Egyptian pounds. 

Here's the background: The song used in the ad was a hit for the late Farid El Atrach, except they changed the words to fit the product. Now, the original song was written by the late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani. Logically, the estate of the late El Atrach is the only one concerned legally. But nope - the daughter of Qabbani said her father's name should not be put on a product - well, for all his prouesse, mind you the whole song was rewritten so that Qabbani has no legal claim whatsoever. Here is the El Atrach song (here).

Honestly, how all this became a legal saga is beyond me. Because legally, if the rights were bought from the El Atrach family, then everyone is in the clean... But seriously, copyright laws are just so insane in the Middle East as I said prior.