Saturday, February 3, 2024

Omo goes for stories behind the dirt (update)

First, Omo has a very good Arabic adaptation for their "dirt is good" like "kil khabsa ela ossa" (every spot/blunder has a story). I really love that one. Not obvious to get such a good line in a different language but someone went to the heart of its meaning and made it make sense for the Arabic audiences. Which brings us to... "has a story". So voila, there are different stories for the dirt on the clothes.

One of them? "When dad allowed us to eat fries instead of moujaddara". Another? "When we helped Nour change her tire after the party". One that is not pictured? "When we forgot the cover of the mixer while making the cake". As you can see, they really thought: What are real-life spot-causing issues. And how can we look at them in a funny way. 

All of this is to say that, yes, many people would identify with Omo and its situations - mainly a younger audience rather than "traditional" housewives. But again, just finding enough situations to make them relatable and funny is in itself no small feat.


I have managed to find the rest of the campaign. The missing visuals apart from the "mixer" mentioned above are - "when I decided to run for the meeting holding my coffee" and "when we finally settled for a color for the twins' room".