Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Saudia launches ProtecTasbih - the first sanitizing prayer beads

Do you remember Al Mosafer's ad "Stories from Mecca"? Sadly, you don't (here). The budgetless ad that the brilliant brains of Tahaab Rais came up with. Well, here is again, along with Saudia (the airlines) this time behind ProtecTasbih, the first sanitizing prayer beads which pilgrims have used during the Umrah (pilgrimage) season. What's there not to like. A brilliant, useful, and totally hip product.

It also shows that one is in "advertising" one can do many things, not just being a "strategist" or "copywriter" or whatever. Once more, the brains on Tahaab just threw us another passion project - and this one had many practical implications. "Power of One" (the Publicis slogan where Tahaab is now) never meant more - apparently it took a village to make the whole thing happen (here).

Here's to more "stories from Mecca" - from a brilliant "storyteller" indeed.