Monday, February 5, 2024

Spinneys celebrates 75 years

Spinneys celebrates 75 years. Good for the. The logo is kind of nice. The ad is a little confusing for me though - too glum and nothing celebratory about it if you ask me. Now, the whole thing is under the title "unforgettable moments". Again, maybe some more clarity is required for us to pitch in - and by the way, these ads on not online on the usual Spinneys channels (the 75 years logo is though).

Now you want an anecdote about Spinneys and their age?

In 2009 Spinneys celebrated their 11 years. In 2012 they celebrated 64. Don't believe me? Check below.

See? At the time I called my post "Spinneys can kiss my math". Obviously they are numbers challenged... 
But then again I guess 64+11 now makes it 75 (so they eventually stuck to one number).