Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Association of Lebanese Industrialists... Would you register your business?

So the Association of Lebanese Industrialists is actually encouraging people to register their business because it will bring them more exposure and widen the breadth of their clientele. The ad itself is all over the place - first there is a pseudo-farmer with a beanie (a young one at that) holding a "strawberry jam" jar. The comes the hands of two men in a suit shaking hands on the foreground (I think one of them needed his nails trimmed to be honest). As I said the ad is a horse drawn by a committee and makes little sense. You can see the ad here. There is also a tag to go with the campaign: #الشغل_مسجل_كلو_مسهل (business is registered, all is made easy). Of course if registering the business means paying more taxes to the government, or declaring how much coming is coming in, or what not is something I don't know about.