Friday, February 9, 2024

On the boring Super Bowl ads this year.

OK, so there's one with Jason Momoa (a failed Flashdance pastiche even including original actress Jennifer Beals), BeyonceArnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito, Ice SpiceRobert Downey Jr., Jenna Ortega, Chris Pratt, Mr. T, Cardi B, Messi, Tina Fey, Kris Jenner, Christopher Walken and Usher, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Scarlet Johanson, Kate McKinnon/Pete Davidson, Ken JeongAddison Rae (with a beautiful homage to - Flashdance (yes, again)), Ben Affleck/Matt Damon/Tom Brady/Jennifer Lopezthe cast of Suits (a total waste of use when compared to this), a whole bunch of them (although frankly apart from the very funny bit with David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, I fail to understand what the rest of them are doing there). and another whole bunch of them. So yes, here we are again "just insert celebrity" ads. Most are surely worth a look, very few of them a second look, and an even lower number which is actually memorable. I feel drawn to the bit of the Uber Eats with the Friends stars, and surprisingly to the Addison Rae Nerds ad. Am also waiting for the Volkswagen "An American Love Story" ad (launching in February 11th). Thank you AdLand for doing the recap by the way.

Small update: The released VW ad is here. Maybe a bit too woke as an ad, but certainly worth it. A cut above the rest of the "celebrity" ads mentioned above.