Thursday, December 28, 2023

This blog's top 5 ads of 2023 in Lebanon

So the committee for electing best ads of the year convened (OK, fine, that's just me), and the top 5 ads of the year were selected.  The main factor I relied on was honestly - not just creativity, but memorability. I literally closed my eyes and I thought - if I am to remember ads from this year, what would they be? Well, the answer lies below and please note this year, there is no clear favorite, the 5 ads are ex-aequo to me (meaning I have no preference between them):

Lux and women empowerment (here) - I really really loved how they changed the Arabic copy by tweaking a word (from "tamyiz" to "tamayoz").

Chateau Ksara keeps churning hit after hit, from this year's crop (har har) I selected the understated Valentine's Day. Not too obvious, very sleek, and indeed, quite intimate. See here. By the way since Ksara (and their agency Mink) was on such a winning streak a very honorable mention goes for their Christmas ad this year (here) - pity the end-of-year ad from 2023 cannot be included (here).

Roadster is suddenly back in the radar (here). One needs guts to self-depreciate, and I love what they've done. Really shows self-confidence without the braggadocio. 

Malak El Tawouk - what can I say? Cheeky and smart and really "in your face". A great outing for the brand which - even if opening in Paris - still hangs in to its roots. Check it here

A late entrant but one that completely blew me away. The layout sucks, the prices apparently expensive but the ad itself whereas "cheap" (hehe) and perhaps home-cooked was timely, smart and very very courageous. Indeed, Bayti Store is one of the best ads of the year. Here.