Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Chicken liver who? Malak Al Tawouk goes for asbet djej

Well, after years of shops not calling the Christian fast by its name - with fast food outlets advertising fish meals for no "specific" reason, suddenly shops started doing so (here), which is why it was a little surprising that Malak Al Tawouk was launching a super meat sandwich in this time frame. Still, the ad is interesting in its angle - instead of doing the usual "English" they went for the jugular mocking those who do. Because their sandwich is not "chicken liver" but rather "asbet djej" (which is chicken liver in Arabic).

Now asbet djej is a delicatesse in the Lebanese kitchen, so Malak Al Tawouk is continuing to work exclusively on chicken but rather went a bit upscale with it. The ad is interesting in the way it is portrayed though, anchoring Malak Al Tawouk in its immediate community.