Monday, February 12, 2018

Le2metna joins Classic Burger Joint calling lent, lent.

Bah! Fast food outlets have started their "fish" this and that. Why? Because fish is what meat-fasting Christians eat during lent. But do they mention lent? Surely not. What bugs me is this - as a Christian no one forbids me taking the special Ramadan meals, which are advertised plainly and simply as Ramadan meals. So why should the outlets be ashamed of calling lent, lent?
Which brings us to Le2metna which simply and clearly says "Fasting Menu". There, it wasn't that difficult, was it?
Previously the honor was held by Classic Burger Joint. For the ad below:
So congrats for Le2metna and Classic Burger Joint calling lent, lent and fasting, fasting.
No shame!