Thursday, March 9, 2023

Lux goes to the therapist with Yara Bou Monsef and Pimo

Lux goes to the therapist with the help of  Yara Bou Monsef. Bou Monsef is telling her therapist about how she thinks of "him" (eventually "it") all day long, how he makes her feel strong, confident etc... The therapist seems to take note and agree, until Bou Monsef goes to the bit about "essential oils". This is when the therapist is bewildered and asks who exactly her "patient" is speaking of. This is when the revealer shows Lux. Actually the most interesting part of the ad is that as Bou Monsef is leaving her appointment she meets with another woman in the hallway and they both are transported by each other's scent, only for the other woman to have a Lux in her bag - all to the therapist's dismay. Watch the ad here. And yes, it does work. I liked more the second twist in the hallway than the one inside the therapist's room but the ad is quite nice. Hot on the heels of their much deserved Pikasso D'or win, Pimo seem to be on a roll.