Thursday, December 28, 2023

About that Pimo end of year card

And that's a cool one! The end of year card by Pimo is indeed a nice one. I mean... Hey, they did not "stick to the script" and they write their own "blockbuster", and well, their alternate reality is certainly not real but I really really want to see Mondays being practically extinct, politicians riding on unicorns, flying drones raining good vibes, peace and love being the new world order, a (Lebanese) president generated by AI, where calories don't count (can we make that sugar instead, am diabetic :) ), drama being reserved to Netflix marathons and free speech being genuinely free. OK that's some tall order we all know if one is to dream might as well dream big. And get this whereas Pimo usually signs "welcome to the age of the real" the video's signature is "welcome to the alternate age of the real"... What's there not to like? So voila, this indeed was a rollercoaster of a year as the video says, but hey if Pimo is "embracing the chaos with open arms", why can't I? Vivement 2024!