Thursday, October 12, 2023

Of Fiat 500 and handbags

I am still trying to understand it.

Are they emphasizing that the car is small? Because actually they should not. When a car is this small, you identify it as a strength rather than a weakness. Again, am trying to process why compare a car to a handbag. If they are trying to say it is a perfect accessory, well, then might as well say is so (you know "forget the handbag, the perfect accessory is a Fiat500"). That's the only way to salvage this ad. Also very interesting no more Fiat at what was for a very long time was their exclusive agent Saad & Trad - now it is Gargour Automotive otherwise known as the Jeep and Alfa Romeo dealers - also note Alfa used to be distributed by Bassoul & Hneine. Interesting, if you go to Gargour Automotive company, you will be met with the logo of T. Gargour & Fils (TGF) the dealers of Mercedes and Smart (here).

The Fiat ad can be found here.