Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Dubizzle became OLX and is now Dubizzle - again....

So how is that for a name change? Olx already an international name is now Dubizzle in Lebanon, mind you Dubizzle defines itself as the leading website for classified ads in the UAE. 

Once more, I am not versed in the business side of this - both Olx and Dubizzle seem to be in the same business (or as you shall see below, are the same business). Well, there you go as soon as you type the old website the new one comes immediately. For a week now the app on instagram has been notifying people that "something is happening" and that the app name is about to change (here) - image below as well:

Interestingly, the image above says "OLX "by" Dubizzle" whereas the banner says Olx "became" Dubizzle. The two sentences are very very different. But wait, in this article from 2015, it says clearly that "Dubizzle is OLX" (here), as if the whole name change is not confusing enough.

So in short - Dubizzle became OLX which became Dubizzle.

To quote the film Victor/Victoria  with the delightful Julie Andrews quipping - "So, I'm a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman."

Or Dubizzle pretending to be OLX pretending to be Dubizzle.