Monday, May 15, 2023

Panda Boutique - a cute but confusing campaign

Panda Boutique by Panda Plast has a cute new campaign, if a little too... confusing.

Apart from the fact they used the teaser/revealer which implies the same people need to see the original ad and then discover what it was all about, and right now both teaser and revealer ads are sitting at the same time on the Jounieh highway which is a little odd (but this is what happens when one books with different agencies which work at different speeds).

The major oddity in the campaign is the slogan of the revealer - "bnoss Jounieh" (right in the middle of Jounieh) which is the name of the yearly festival initiated by the Jounieh municipality (here). So I am wondering if Panda is involved in any way in the festival or not - although honestly, maybe they ought to have stuck to their original line "I saw a Panda in Jounieh" which headlined the teaser.

Considering Panda Boutique several branches, this is not some line they can stick to everywhere. But I guess they were trying to grab attention.