Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Hotel-Dieu de France, a faith in the Lebanese hospital system

I suppose one needs a dose of reassurance from time to time. Certainly, Lebanon, navigating from crisis to crisis, or rather having a lot of crises at the same time combined, definitely needs such a jolt of faith. "Lebanon shall remain the hospital of the orient" - which, truth be told, prior to the major collapse engulfing Lebanon since October 2019, it actually was. And well, I am not saying the situation is "improving" by any stretch, but it seems the system is readjusting itself - for better or for worse (OK, fine, mostly the worse as now everything is Dollarized which is the only way for anything to keep operating).
So Hotel-Dieu de France is actually advertising what is now its chain of hospitals across the Lebanese territory, which are mainly also learning centers for their doctors-to-be. Again, at some point, it is comforting to just know someone keeps the faith (implicitly, it is not me). But the ad speaks volumes - even with its generic image as a background.