Thursday, May 18, 2023

Zeit Boulos - now online

Zeit Boulos can now be ordered online. The interesting part? They managed to do a pitch perfect continuation of their - eternally running campaign. By eternally running I mean - and whereas I have no specific date in my archives - this goes back to 1998 or so.
OK, the line? "Iza de2et 3le2et" (once you taste it you get hooked up) dates back to the 90s (to my shame my first recording of it in 2012). Just for the advertising anecdote, the brand changed the line briefly with "Zeit Boulos, Boulos, Boulos" in honor of Lebanese basketball player Boulos Bechara's performance as partof the Sagesse team that won the first Asian title for Lebanese teams in 1999 - again for the reference it was Lebanese presenter Tony Baroud (himself an ex-basketball player) who initiated the "Boulos, Boulos, Boulos" catchphrase. Otherwise? A yellow background with an oil bottle was just the campaign since... forever.
So now that we established the credentials of the campaign, for their online - they added "heik heik 3ele2et tloba online" which translates as "now that are hooked might as well ask for it online". Again, the consistency of the campaign, which is almost unchanging as I said is truly remarkable. Because at this point, beyond the idea if the campaign is nice or not, it is simply "there" - immediately recognizable, totally in-your-face, and comforting to know it does not change.