Friday, May 19, 2023

Keo beer - a reintroduction to the Lebanese market

OK, forgive my ignorance - am not much a beer drinker. So Keo slipped from the radar - please check here and here. Interestingly, whereas the pages seem inactive, the brand just launched an outdoor campaign. The secret lies in the fact that it seems it has changed importers in the meantime, so its newest home seems to be here. Well, the original campaign which dates back to 2019 was a little too childish a la "alcohol you later", so thankfully, having just the beer and its various sizes and shapes with a simple logo is much better fitting. 

In case you did not know (and I did not, I had to search that!) Keo is the beer with the largest market share in Cyprus. Also, I found it funny that they had a large unipole right next to the Almaza brasserie in Dora - my first reflex was that the said brasserie is now brewing it. But I guess that was either a cheeky move, or just random luck.

So voila, Keo is back in the market - after what seems to be a failed first attempt.