Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Faraya, an ad circa 1965 for Christmas and New Year's celebrations

Ah - so Faraya, the snowy, sleepy village with the ski station....

"For 45 Liras, the price includes transport from and to Beirut, dinner, dancing party with europen (sic) orchestre and hotel full board for 24 hours. Note: christmas mass will be held on snow (sic)"

The only "Bissani Travel Agency" I found is one operating in Italy. I was simply trying to locate the year the ad was posted. But well, it fell into my lap as is. Note that the telephone number is without code so that was then before this was inaugurated. Also 45 Liras, and judging from a different ad with the same variation of prices (here), I would estimate this to be on Christmas 1965.