Monday, December 26, 2022

Shahin - when Tahina and Halawa become luxuries

Tahina and halawa, once staples of any table (tahina mind you can be added to a million dishes and halawa is just a palate-cleanser desert) are now.... pseudo-luxuries. How come? "It's the economy stupid" to go back to the Bill Clinton catchphrase.

I mean, have you checked the price of any of such items lately? What was something you absent-mindedly added to your supermarket list or your caddie - now is a much calculated venture because of so many other items compete for your (meager) budget. If the Shahin ad reeks of good art-direction and a little bit of luxury flair, that's because the product itself is now a bit more so.

Do note, I know, in many cases I am what remains of the middle class, but believe me, managing to end the month without falling into red requires so many economic acrobatics and the same exercise goes back again at the beginning - and end - of every month.