Saturday, December 10, 2022

Christmas according to ABC mall, Aishti and GS

It is, believe it or not, Christmas. Hard to guess it from the ambient lack of cheer in Lebanon what's with the economic crisis still hitting everyone hard no matter the socio-economic class. Yet still, Christmas this year for the ad industry is slightly - marginally slightly - better than than the 3 years that preceded it. ABC mall (with its major flagships in Dbayeh, Achrafieh and Verdun) has unleashed its "unwrap Christmas" campaign with a visual a little too on the nose (even if well done art direction wise of - you guessed it - a large ribbon being unwrapped from the dress of a woman). 

Aisthti the most upscale retailer in town has gone the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it route by rehashing the "give plenty" campaign it unveiled last year (here), to be honest I think the Christmas tree made of boxes was also done prior though I cannot find it in my archives.

GS - a multibrand store - which represents companies not as luxurious as Aishti but still well seen and (pricey in their own way these days) such as Timberland or Geox has gone with "Holiday in Style" inside a rectangle - which it applied to various visuals or stand alone ads.

Of course, asking cash-strapped shoppers to be enthusiastic for Christmas is a very tall order especially with everything going completely bananas at this point.