Monday, December 6, 2021

Aishti/Aizone and the end of year campaign

And here it is, despite all the horrors, all the turmoils of the last year and the year before, Aishti and its younger sibling Aizone splash an end of year campaign centered around graphics for festive sentences "Always be merry" for Aishti and "Always give plenty" for Aizone. The campaign is displayed throughout some very strategic billboards and adorns the shops themselves. Aishti is a prime luxury destination and Aizone is hot on its heels as well (though caters for a younger or funkier crowd), so the clientele is well known, and whereas I had a strong feeling Aishti 1) lost its aspirational shoppers 2) was competing with itself with its many many branches scattered in malls not too far from its flagship stores, eventually the brand downsized astronomically what's with the economic crash affecting heavily its clientele (example, all the mono brand shops at the Beirut Souks closed down except for Camper, and that was several months prior to the severe explosion of August 4, 2020 - in addition many outposts for the brand vanished from lower caliber malls as well). 

Still, the campaign is very much in line with the post Leo Burnet handling on the brand (which is now in the hands of &Walsh but I stand corrected) - meaning heavy graphics or surrealistic takes.