Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Puck goes back to school #PucktoSchool

You know how it is, a generation goes back to its first tastes. Puck has entered the Lebanese market for a long time now but what's with the economic crisis hitting - basically all or most households - consumers are refraining from "indulging". But if Puck is still not a leading brand it's not for the lack of trying.

Here they are with a new back to school ad which involves popular actress Liliane Nemri feeding the neighborhood children. The ad as does work - the casting is done right (not easy when children are involved) and you can see it here. Here's the thing too, this year Puck is giving 21 school scholarships to students in Lebanon worth 300 USD each (a healty amount by today's standards!) - see the terms here.

I am usually very cool about hashtags but #PucktoSchool makes a lot of sense!

Now how much will this help Puck gain in the Lebanese market is a different story.