Monday, August 29, 2022

Whatever Almaza is doing make it stop..

Remember when I said that Almaza got its grove back? (here)
I am starting to suspect I have spoken a bit too early. After yesterday's semi-forgivable blunder (here), today comes this.... Apparently there are limited edition bottles of Almaza from "A to Z". Innocent enough until you read it "A toZ"... toz being Arabic for "wouldn't register on my a**". To begin with this is too reminiscent of the Coca-Cola blottle naming thingy (the shareacoke campaign) but done on a budget as only one letter appears on the bottle instead of the more complex whole name. OK, even this could  be swallowed but the "toz"  thingy really takes the cake!  
Look am not asking for a lot, just for them to really watch out what they are doing.