Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The reliable Bic pen goes to school

Bic - the brand that gave its name to a full category (like Kleenex or Google or Frigidaire) is actually advertising for back to school. They went very.... matter of fact. If you can "rely" on Bic, then you can actually use it as a support or crutch - ergo the stylish student in her back to school attire leaning on the pen. Well, apparently this is an international positioning for the brand - which also sells lighters, disposible rasors, and perfumes as well. 

Here's a personal story I heard, when Baron Bic (who gave his name to the company) was on cruise on a three-masted schooner, the owner of the schooner in question showed him the prototype of the perfume he was working on (the man in question was a "nose" - i.e. someone who did perfumes for brands) but the originally of the perfume was that it was a roll-on.... Which was the exact idea of a Bic pen! When the baron saw the prototype his reaction was "M*erde!" (Sh*t) because obviously someone in his company should have thought of that.