Sunday, August 14, 2022

MoneyGram makes it own stamp on the word "transfer"

Hmmm, not sure what to make of this.

MoneyGram has an ad for their money transfer services. On the one hand it is giving me deja-vu, on the other I think they tried. Let me explain, they focused on the word "hawwel" which in Arabic means 1) to drop by 2) to transfer 3) to change from one state to the other. Considering the better meaning was already used by BOB finance (here) MoneyGram opted for "to drop by" with "drop by us".

Interestingly the older version of the ad - still being on the market goes - "drop by us to have your pocket full" (which in Arabic rhymes but honestly is sort of childish), and which was then (in the new version) shortened to become "drop by us". You can date the ads from the way the color red has faded.

Well between BOB Finance and MoneyGram I'd definitely go for the BOB. Still these companies have really been life-savers for Lebanese as I previously said about OMT.